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About us

Hairdressing studio „КРЕЗ“ was founded in 1990 by master hairdresser Ludmila Maslarova in Varna. Back then it was the first hairdressing studio in Bulgaria.

The old “classic hairdressing” inherited from masters passed the knowledge to a single man, meets the new innovative way, where both daughters of Ludmila Ilieva are included. Savina and Gorqna grew up together watching the beauty of this ancient craft. They continue the tradition by applying modern techniques and vision to it, raising the profession to a whole new level turning its products into a trademark and easily recognizable brand with quality certificates and 10 years warranty.

30 years after its founding, „КРЕЗ“ became a big market brand which guarantees quality, comfort and reliability.

„КРЕЗ“ make individual modules – wigs, tupets, extensions, beard etc. We also make synthetic and eco wigs with a quality approved by the team aesthetically pleasing in line with the global trends.

Our customers can rely on individual service tailored to their needs and requirements, variety of products and services, discretion and correctness.

Our long-term experience guarantees the quality of our products and the expectations of our clients to be satisfied.

We- the founders of „КРЕЗ“ are a family, and every our customer becomes a part of it.