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Frequently Asked Questions

If we have personal hair, it is collected in an appropriate way with an elastic band or a meruker hat.The wig is placed, observing the curves of the base. The base of the wig should stand firmly on the head without tightening. The beginning of the personal hair on the forehead is the beginning of the placement of the wig, as the ears are not covered, and the back part stands in the upper part of the neck.

Handmade natural wigs from cut hair - 190/200°

Natural wig, bought from the store - 160/170°

Eco wig - 120/130°

Synthetic wig - not applicable

The natural wig is washed carefully, as the direction of the water jet is in the direction of the keratin, building the hair, ie downwards.The wig is washed by keeping the left hand upright under the water jet, and with the right hand the necessary manipulations are performed, such as applying the shampoo, washing movements along the length of the hair and washing the shampoo under running water, not forgetting the base on the inside.

After washing and rinsing, drain carefully and dry so that air passes through the base.

It dries in 12 hours naturally and without a hair dryer. Completely dry the wig is combed with a hair brush.

This is followed by hairdressing, such as curling, pressing, etc., if desired and as appropriate.

Stylists such as crystals and hairspray can be used.

The synthetic wig is rarely washed. Its daily maintenance is on the foundation, not the hair. After each use, the base of the wig is cleaned with a damp cloth - disinfectant. It is left to dry overnight and is ready for use the next day.

Although very rare, the synthetic wig is also washed in a basin of lukewarm water with a suitable synthetic wig detergent dissolved. Rinse under running water, squeeze carefully, comb with a wide comb and stretch so that air passes through the base.

After drying, the hairstyle is finally formed.

Wash the length of the hair with gentle alkaline shampoos. Then it is allowed to dry naturally and then styled with the desired hairstyle with a press 170/190°Stylists and maintenance masks with and without washing are used.

Yes. The handmade natural wig from donor hair has a shelf life of 10 years with good and proper maintenance.

The natural wig is dyed with hair dye, following the instructions of the respective dye, but the residence time of the dye is extended up to 1 hour. It is then washed under running water and allowed to dry naturally.